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Free Reward Me P&G Cometic Samples - Rewardme

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Rewards me again started giving free samples, now can get one for free if you haven't requested this before. For now you can order Pantene Shampoo, Olay, Ariel, Pamper, Whisper and Head & Shoulder from rewardme.Free Reward me samples Rewardme      Note: Offer valid only for Female 25 Years old or more.  

How to get Free Rewardme Samples?

  1. Visit Free Sample Sign up Page
  2. Login/Register.
  3. Click add to basket to select samples.
  4. Add at least 3 samples to qualify to order.
  5. Click 'Samples' on the main menu to place your order.
  6. Confirm your order details.
    Here is some picture of received samples by our readers:-
  5-10-2015 6-22-53 PM
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