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FREE Wella Kolestint Colour sample for mumbaikars only

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 Only for mumbai  1. The Wella Kolestint Switch Event will allow women to exchange /switch used packs of Non-Wella Kolestint hair colour worth at least MRP Rs. 250 (Incl. of all taxes) for a free pack (MRP Rs.519) of Wella Kolestint. 2. First SWITCH event happens in Mumbai City. Venue: Star Bazaar Mall, Andheri West. Date: 13th May to 15th May, 2011 Timing: 2pm to 6pm To participate:  I) Women who want to Switch gather at the venue on the mentioned dates. II) The Switching of the Colour packs will begin at 2pm on each date. III) To Participate: http://wellaindia.in/switch/ a. Switching of the product will be executed on first come, first serve basis. Reservations will not be honored. This offer will be open only till the stocks last and Wella personnel would be entitled to decide on this. No disputes or queries would be entertained in this regard b. The Women will be asked to fill in a Switcher information sheet with their name, age, e-mail address and mobile number. c. While at the event, the Wella personnel will verify that the Switcher's product qualifies for Switching: i. They are carrying a used colour pack of a Non-Wella Kolestint hair colour. ii. They are carrying a used colour tube of a Non-Wella Kolestint hair colour. If the Switcher's product fulfills the above two conditions, the Wella personnel will mark it as ok to be switched. d. The ladies need to surrender the empty colour packs and used tubes at the Switch Counter in order to switch the product. e. The Wella Switch event personnel gives the Switcher a FREE Hair Colour Pack of Wella Kolestint Hair Colour!( MRP 519 ) Shade choice will be honoured subject to availability. f. Only one pack will be switched per Switcher. g. Only Women who attend the Switch event between 2pm-6pm will be eligible to switch their hair colour packs. Switch requests’ coming in after 6pm will not be considered. Wella personnel’s opinion on this would be final and binding http://wellaindia.in/switch/ http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=181708738547078
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