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Hometesterclub Free Grocery Products Sample to Test

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Hometesterclub is an online community where you can register, learn about new products and share their experiences with one another. From time to time HomeTester will be selecting Home Tester Club members to receive coupons, special offers and free product to try themselves and share with their friends. They we ask in return is that you complete a short survey to tell what you think about those products. 8118    

How to get Hometesterclub Free Grocery Products Samples to Test?

  1. Visit  here
  2. Sign up.
  3. In next step, in order to be part of the Home Tester Club, up to date your profile.
  4. Every month Home Tester will select members who will get a chance to try free products.
  5. Once you get don't forget to write review so you can also get free sample box in future
  hometester-club   We got this sample Box on 2nd may 2011 see image below.
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