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IndiaFreeStuff Android app 1.9 is here - Download for Free

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app     Hi all IFS readers. After very long wait we are back with new version of INDIAFREESTUFF Android app. This app will keep you updated with latest deals and freebies on the move, very easy to use and user friendly and 100% Free. After Download Please do not forget to add review on Google play. We continiously working on app to make it more better and user friendly.       What's new in New version:-
  • Add to Favorite option
  • Better UI
  • Login using Google account
  • Fixed Exit & Other Bugs
  • Push notification feature
  • Login/Sign up
  • Add comments/View Comments
  • Fast and Easy to operate
  • Ads Free
        How to Download:
  1. Visit Here
  2. Click on install
  3. After installing you are ready to use the application
  How to use:- 1) Launch app after Installing, Click on Guest if you don't want to login else login/sign up to hide login page from next launch. 1 2) All recent deals will be visible, to see more scroll down and click load more. To Refresh pull page down and release. Choose Latest,  Featured or Recharge from Slider top Menu. click left menu for more option.   2   3)Side menu   5     4)To select category click on category > Click on menu > Category. 6       4) To Open deal click on any deal. To visit Merchant site click on Shop Now. 3 5) Liked any deal? Click on heart button to add as favorite. You can later view this from Left Menu > My Favorite4 6) Click Add comment to add comments, To vive comments click Comment, To visit deal page in your browser click View Deal. Forum is currently not integrated with app, on clicking forum it will open forum in app browser where you need to login again.
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