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MIUI 9 with Android Nougat @ Xiaomi

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XIAOMI's  MIUI 9 update to be based on Android Nougat OS.


As always Xiaomi bringing Miui update with an extensive changelog. This update not just get new features but will take advantage of the Nougat OS as well now. Mi regularly sends Miui updates in different size large or small with security patches. Now this time Xiaomi update the android base also and provide nougat test. Recently Mi 5 gets Nougat via Miui 8.2 in China and expect a roll out soon in other regions soon.

MIUI 9 Eligible Devices:

Xiaomi Mi 5c Xiaomi Mi5 Xiaomi Mi MIX Xiaomi Mi 5s Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Xiaomi Redmi 4X Xiaomi Redmi 4 Xiaomi Redmi 3s Xiaomi Redmi 3s Prime Xiaomi Mi Note Xiaomi Mi Note Pro Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Xiaomi Mi Max Xiaomi Mi Max Prime As known fact that every Xiaomi device will not get Android Nougat. The list is an unofficial one. Collect form different media pages. If any official info available then update again.

Features Expected:

Miui always launch with a ton of new feature exclusive for Mi devices.
  • Better RAM management:With Mi smartphones occasional issue with RAM management. With Miui 9 this problem will be solved.
  • Battery saving:Chance with will be implemented feature like Doze Mode. With Android 6.0 Google introduced this feature. In this mode kills all background apps and increase battery life when a device is in idle for a long time.
  • Quick Reply From Notification Panel.
  • Multi-Window support.
With new features also solve some major and minor bugs also. Miui 9 will introduce with the flagship Mi 6. Then start the roll out for other devices. Stay tuned for information. Thanks.
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