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Sample & Try get Free samples free

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[Expired]   Sample and Try
 On 5 april i posted  GET FREE GROCERY PRODUCTS AND MORE TO TEST by hometesterclub i got hamper from them just check above link now i have found another site giving free samples to try  don't miss it and grab free samples What is Sample&Try ? Sample&Try (S&T) is a unique platform for Indian consumers which helps in their decision making before shopping.  We know value of your hard earned money and you don’t want to spend it on a product only to know it wasn’t the right product for you. We give you the power to Sample & Try the products before you actually buy. And that too, free of cost. And if you like the product sample, you might as well want to write a review about it. But that’s up to you. No compulsions at all. How it works? Step 1  Register on SampleandTry.com Step 2 Choose the product you want to sample on the website. Step 3 Verify your postal address and the requested sample will reach you. Please remember that you don’t have to pay for anything either on our website or on sample delivery.you can request only 1 sample per Week Terms & Conditions
  • By registering on this website, you agree to the following terms & conditions by Sample&Try (S&T)
  • Every user agrees to receive various products as samples from manufacturers from time to time, with or without his/her consent.
  • Only the products listed on the S&T website can be ordered.
  • One product can only be sampled once by the user
  • Only one product can be sampled per week.
  • S&T may deploy a monthly limit on number of samples that can be ordered from time to time as it may require.
  • S&T might send you promotional emails & product samples based on your interest shown on our website.
  • S&T will not be responsible for any delays or non-delivery of product samples because of any logistics or other reasons.
  • S&T does not take any responsibility for any physical or other damages, side effects resulting out of using the samples ordered from S&T.
  • The information provided on the website about products has been taken from various web resources including brands’ websites, users are expected to enquire and know more about products on their own before ordering the sample.
  • S&T is not responsible for non-functioning of any outside links (other websites) which it might have linked to.
  • S&T does not endorse any user reviews; it is up to the other users how they want to use these reviews.
  • S&T reserves all rights to use, distribute or publish the product review given by its members as testimonials etc.
  • Users agree to receive promotional mails from S&T in both electronic & physical format.
  • Sample delivery is purely subject to availability of products in stock. S&T does not provide any replacement & re-ordering facility if product samples do not reach the users in usable condition.
  • If address given by the users falls under an area which we do not cover, S&T will not be able to deliver samples.
  • The images of products & description of products has been acquired via multiple web sources and therefore is not a property of S&T
  • S&T will not be responsible for any claims given in any product description as these are not products of S&T
  • S&T only allows one email ID to be registered against one address location.
  • It usually takes 7-10 working days from date of ordering to deliver the samples
  • S&T reserves the right to delete accounts of users creating multiple accounts.
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